Nick & Kelly as they celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows as they were surrounded by family and friends.

Our Story

We are a faith based family company that started as a result of a passion we have to help the ones we love have healthier, fuller lives. Having been introduce to biofeedback and light therapy as clients, we knew that this was what we had been looking for.

We have been married for 29 years and have been blessed with a beautiful daughter and awesome son which are both now adults. We have a little miracle granddaughter name Aria and a grandson named Kennen that is due to make his appearance November 30, 2018. This played a big part into our decision to jump into the biofeedback and light therapy fields. We decided that this was the time for us to pursue our dreams. We decided to concentrate on becoming healthier and more active so that we can live out our passions. I, Kelly, have a background in prosthetics and orthotics, podiatry and also ministry. This left me with a passion for others and with the desire to have more than a job. I needed something that actually touched my heart. I had been searching for a career that I could believe in. Now Nick comes from the construction field. This gives him a different view of the possibilities that stress reduction can have from the physical aspects. Luckily, we had both realized the potential these devices have to change not just our lives, but also the lives of others.

Biofeedback and light therapy are an outlet for us, a new way for us to help others. We have a drive to help our clients sleep better, move more freely, think more clearly, manage their pain, have more stamina and renew their zest for life, and so much more. The services we offer work hand in hand with clean organic living. When coupled with the natural beauty that God surrounded us with, it becomes possible for anyone to have a new outlook on life.

Certification and Titles

**Wow!!! What a wonderful, calming, serene setting! I loved the experience and what I took away from the experience. Kelly has found her calling from God! — Robin Simmons, Maryville, TN**

**I was very relaxed after my first session, can’t wait to have my second session! – Terry P. LC, TN**

All certifications are through the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences (B.A.N.H.S.).

Kelly Blankenship, CBS, QLEC


Fred (Nick) Blankenship, Vice President