Agape Holistic Center is a faith based community minded company. We walk with those who seek to better manage life’s stresses. Agape Holistic Center’s goal is to rejuvenate the passion of your youth and optimize your life potential.

The purpose of the biofeedback and light therapy systems is to work with you and retrain your body to better manage stress. Since stress can come in many different forms, many of us do not realize just how stressed our bodies have become. Stress is not just worrying. Stress can be very subtle and come from things such as environmental issues, medications, injuries, sickness, beauty products, foods, allergies, and many other sources. Your session is designed to peel back the layers of stress that are particular to you so that your body can function at its’ optimal levels.

Biofeedback and light therapy are designed to go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies are complicated and complex designs. There is no one simple method for being healthy. Our hope is to come along side you on your journey to better health and a deeper understanding of how your body works.

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Biofeedback involves a technique that trains individuals to control otherwise involuntary bodily issues in order to improve their overall health.

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“Light Therapy”

With Élan light energy systems, our clients experience a safe, non-invasive, meditative session while being infused with light.

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**If I could give a 10-star rating I would! Kelly (and Nick) are both very knowledgeable and hospitable. They go above and beyond to make each appointment the best it can possibly be and are very thorough in their explanations. I have used many of the services and I leave feeling like a million dollars each time! HIGHLY recommend! Carolyn F. Maryville, TN**

Referral Program

Agape Holistic Center has a great Referral Program where you can earn Complimentary Sessions!!!  For every 4 Referrals that you send us, You receive a Complimentary Session of your choosing!!!  There is not limit as to how many times you can earn this reward.  This news is Too Big to keep to yourself. Grab your phone and get the word out.

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DISCLAIMER: I understand that the Agape Holistic Center staff are not licensed physicians, chiropractor, or psychologist and do not portray themselves as such. They can not and will not diagnose, treat, cure, heal, evaluate, or prevent any medical or psychological disorder or disease. I further understand they will not advise, recommend, suggest or counsel me on any medical, dietary, or psychological treatment, condition, disorder or disease. I further understand it is my responsibility to continue my medications and remain under the care of my primary physician.